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Midland XT50

Two-way radio mid-range with a range of 8km.

Manufacturer Ref.: C1178 Product Ref.: MIXT50GGUK
Midland XT50

Key features

  • Two radios with belt clips
  • One double desk top charger 
  • Two rechargeable battery packs (up to 12 hours)
  • Micro-USB cable 

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Product information

The Best Two-Way Radio or any Business 

The Midland XT50 is the ideal two-way radio for your business, as it has been designed particuarly for a working environment. 

With a strong and perfectly suited design the Midland XT50 will be the perfect choice for a thriving business. Coupled with it´s sleek and stylish deisgn, the XT50 is a fantastic opportunity to invest in a robust and reliable two-way radio. The MicroUSB port is a great addition also as it allows you to easily connect with devices in an effecient manner. 


At a range of 8km, this two-way radio from Midland eliminates the potential for a loss of signal during the working day, resulting in more productive activities during the day. With a potent reach, the Midland XT50 couples high performance with two extra functions, SCAN and CALL function. Additionally, as with all great two.way radios, the XT50 comes with VOX hands free again providing more ease and efficiency throughout the day. 

Signal strength 

This two-way radio also show it´s strength as a device which can diffuse teh chances of siganl interruption. The radio comes with the ability to choose from 24 channels of which 8 are PMR and 16 are classified as pre-programmed.  

Battery and additional features 

The device also comes with belt clips, two rechargeabke battery packs (lasting up to 12 hours) and one double desktop charger. 



  • VOX hands-free 
  • SCAN function
  • CALL function
  • 24 channels 
  • 38 CTCSS tones in TX and RX 
  • Jack 2pin Midland for SPK/MIK


Frequency License-free
ATEX certified Without ATEX certification
Robustness Not resistant
Water resistant Not water resistant
Military standard Not confirmed to military standard
Display Without display
Size 54x103x33mm
In the box
  • Two radios with belt clips
  • One double desk top charger 
  • Two rechargeable battery packs (up to 12 hours)
  • Micro-USB cable 
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