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Midland G7 PRO Camo Twin pack

Twin pack of two-way radios with screen, hands-free, double PTT

Key features
  • Standard PMR446, free use.
  • Hands-free VOX function (without accessory).
  • Double push-button PTT.
  • High quality speaker
  • Notice by vibration.
  • Range of 10 km. * According to conditions
  • 8 channels / 38 subchannels.
  • Backlit LCD screen.
  • Camouflage version to communicate during your activities
EAN: 8011869192760

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£123.60 Incl. VAT
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    Product description

    Robust and Reliable

    The Midland G7 PRO Camo Twin pack ensures many years of good performance and is an excellent technical solution to communicate in many situations.

    New key Features

    Apart from the exterior design, the central radio technology has been completely renovated in order to improve the function, versatility and performance.

    The new version brings a more modern design, a large LCD screen that shows the icons where the activated functions can be clearly seen.

    Finally, the sound quality has alse been significantly improved to ensure clerer conversations thanks to the Side Tone function.

    The G-7 Pro offers several battery options

    You can choose from NiMH, alakaline, rechargable batteries to use on your walkie talkie, but now there is also a new PB 1200 PRO LI-ion battery which makes the walkie talkie 20% lighter.

    double PTT

    It can transmit high or low power to prolong the life of the battery. In addition, the side tone function eliminates annoying whispers at the end of the transmission (only works if it communicates with other radios that are equipped with the same function).


    • 8 channels / 38 subchannels.
    • Notice by vibration.
    • Hands-free VOX function.
    • Low battery indicator.
    • range: 10 km.
    • Double push-button PTT.
    • High audio quality: Side Tone function.
    • PCB board.
    • Scanner function.
    • Connector approved to support 5000 inserts or audio for professional radios.
    • Room surveillance.
    • 5 ring tones
    • Roger Beep.
    • Power of 500 Mw.
    • Auntonomy: 3 hours of conversation and 28 hours of waiting.
    • Battery indicator.
    • Keypad lock
    • Backlit LCD screen.
    • Weight: 123 grams.
    • Dimensiones: 122x58x34 mm.
    • Midland 2 pins

    In the box

    • 2 radios
    • 8 rechargeable batteries Ni-MH AA 1.2V / 1800 mAh 
    • 2 Chargers
    • 2 Belt Clips
    • 2 EU to UK Plug Adapters

    Product Specs.

    More Information
    FrequencyLicense-free: analogue PMR446
    UseFor everyday use
    Comes with case and accessoriesWithout case
    ATEX certifiedWithout ATEX certification
    RobustnessNot resistant
    Water resistantNot water resistant
    Military standardNot confirmed to military standard
    Channels - Sub-channels - Codes8 - 38 - 121
    DisplayWith display
    VOX/iVOX hands freeWithout earpiece
    Standby time / Talk time28 - 3 hours
    BatteryNiMh or AAA
    SOS buttonWithout SOS button
    Vibrate functionWith vibrate function
    Voice encryption functionWithout voice encryption
    Scan functionWithout scan function
    Room monitoringWithout room monitoring
    Roger BeepWith roger beep
    FlashlightWithout flashlight
    Size122 x 58 x 34 mm
    Connector accessorymidland 2 pin

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