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Midland G11 (Short Antenna)

License-free two way radio with sturdy aluminium frame

Manufacturer Ref.: C966-04 Product Ref.: MIG11SGGUK
Midland G11 (Short Antenna)

Key features

  • PMR446 2-way radio
  • 8 pre-set channels
  • Range: 5km*
  • Built-in VOX function
  • Sturdy aluminium frame
  • Li-ion battery
  • Programming software (optional)
  • Squelch
  • Monitor

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£82.99 ex. VAT
£79.99 ex. VAT
£95.99 incl. VAT

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Product information

The Midland G11S is an ultra-compact and user-friendly portable transceiver for professional use. With its sturdy and robust design, this two-way radio provides reliable communications and both for professionals who need to stay in touch with their teams and for leisure use. With the optional Midland Programming software you can increase the performance of the radio, or disable some of the default features to suit your needs.

One of the unique features of this walkie-talkie is the encoder knob located next to the antenna, which allows to you find the channel you want instantly.

With a range of essential functions such as roger beep, built-in VOX function, and a squelch function for suppressing noises on free channels, this is an ideal radio for security guards and people who work in places such as shopping centres and building sites.

This radio has 8 PMR446 channels and 8 pre-set channels. The CTCSS/DCS limits communications to users who have selected the same sub-tone.

*The range of a PMR446 two way radio varies a lot depending on where you use it. The maximum range given by manufacturers is based on ideal conditions, such as from hilltop to hilltop, but the range you actually get will be much less if you are in a built-up area. Trees, walls, hills and even the weather can affect the range of your radio. If you require longer range two-way radios, please see our Licensed Two Way Radios page.


  • Scrambler: voice encryption to prevent eavesdropping
  • Squelch noise suppression
  • Channel scan
  • Output power: 500mW
  • Channel spacing: 12.5KHz
  • VOX function
  • 2-pin headset jack
  • Monitor function
  • Beep keypad
  • Roger Beep
  • Auto battery save
  • Frequency range: 446.00625-446.09375 MHz (PMR446)
  • Size: 98x58x30mm (not including antenna)
Frequency License-free: analogue PMR446
Use For intensive use
Comes with case and accessories Without case
ATEX certified Without ATEX certification
Robustness Not resistant
Water resistant Not water resistant
Military standard Not confirmed to military standard
Channels - Sub-channels - Codes 16 - 38 - 83
Range Up to 5km
Display Without display
VOX/iVOX hands free Without earpiece
Standby time / Talk time 28 / 8 hours
Battery Li-Ion or AAA
SOS button Without SOS button
Vibrate function Without vibrate function
Voice encryption function Without voice encryption
Scan function Without scan function
Room monitoring Without room monitoring
Roger Beep With roger beep
Flashlight Without flashlight
Size 98 x 58 x 30mm
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