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Jabra Talk 25

Very small and lightweight headset with high quality features

Key features
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • On and off slider switch
  • Voice guidance
  • HD Voice
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wireless streaming of favorite multimedia files
  • This model replaces the Jabra Mini
EAN: 5707055044946Manufacturer part #: JATALK25
Internal ref: GNTALK25

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1 year standard warranty
£37.19 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Very small headset with high quality features

Jabra has manufactured one of the smallest headphones in its range of products but has not spared its benefits. With an enviable sound quality and a design that fits the morphology of any ear, Jabra Talk 25 is undoubtedly a very competent Bluetooth headset . Enjoy calls in high definition with an omnidirectional microphone and an optimized 11mm dynamic speaker for crystal clear conversations of high quality.

Easy Sync

This device is paired with the mobile from the first moment, when it is turned on it will go directly into "synchronization mode" . A voice guide will instruct the user of everything he needs to do to synchronize his device as well as notify him of the status of the connection and the battery . In this way, the user can receive their calls and at the same time control their Smartphone from the headset. In addition, you should not worry about resynchronizing your mobile phone with Jabra Talk 25, since it incorporates automatic synchronization , which is responsible for automatically synchronizing with Bluetooth devices compatible with this function.

Ease of Use

Jabra Talk 25 is simple to use as it has a few controls that allow access to all its features. First of all, it has a slide switch on and off that does not present any kind of difficulty. It also has volume buttons to control it manually, although it has an automatic volume adjustment that regulates it depending on the surrounding background noise. In addition, the voice guidance will warn the user of the status of the connection and the battery.

Great Battery Life

With up to 8 hours of calls and 10 days of standby time, you can talk wirelessly using the Bluetooth connection all day without reloading. Jabra Talk 25 comes equipped with a special mode that allows you to save battery. This mode is called Power Nap and is activated when the headset spends one hour disconnected from the device. In this way, the headset is turned off so that it does not consume battery unnecessarily and then lights up again when the answer / end call button is pressed.

Supreme Comfort

The Jabra Talk 25 Bluetooth headset has been designed for intensive use and therefore a lot of emphasis has been placed on its ergonomics. Finally, Jabra Mini offers two possibilities of placement , both very comfortable and practical: clamping hook type or with the "gel pads" . Thanks to its great sound quality , all conversations are perfectly intelligible and clear. It has broadband audio that improves the quality of conversations at both ends of the line. It also has speakers that work with DSP technology which is responsible for mitigating background noise and digitally optimizing voice and music. Jabra Mini offers excellent sound for both your calls and to listen and download your favorite music , your podcasts or the indications of your GPS.

Built-in Geolocator

The mobile app, App Assist, will locate Jabra Mini in case it has been lost. The headset has a built-in geolocator that marks on the map of the application the last use in which it was used for the last time.


  • Voice guide.
  • Fastening type hook or with Eargels.
  • HD Voice
  • Digital signal processor (DSP).
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Allows you to receive calls and listen to streaming music.
  • Synchronization mode: allows easy pairing with the devices.
  • Automatic synchronization: connects automatically with Bluetooth devices compatible with the function.
  • Power Nap mode: energy saving.
  • Automatic connection: connects automatically with a synchronized device that is nearby.
  • Automatic volume adjustment.
  • Wireless streaming of favorite multimedia files.
  • Easy and intuitive use.
  • On / off button.
  • Volume buttons.
  • App Assist included: to locate Jabra Talk 25 when you get lost.
  • Autonomy: 8 hours of conversation / 10 days of waiting time.
  • Type of charge: USB.
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.4 x 1 cm.

In the box

  • Jabra Talk 25 
  • Ear hook package 
  • Rubber USB cable 
  • Ear gel package

Product Specs.

More Information
Warranty1 year
Wearing StyleIn-ear
Bluetooth Version4.0
MultipointWith multipoint
NFCWithout NFC
HD VoiceWith HD Voice
WidebandWithout wideband
A2DPWith Bluetooth A2DP
AVRCPWithout AVRCP / Remote control device
MFI Chipset (Apple)Without MFI certification
Voice alertsWith voice alerts
Voice commandsWithout voice commands
Noise cancellingWithout noise cancelling
Wind Noise ProtectionWithout noise protection
Automatic Volume AdjustmentWithout automatic volume adjustment
Call Answer/End ButtonWith call/end button
Volume controlWith volume control
MuteWithout mute button
Phone Book Access Profile SupportWithout phone book access

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