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Jabra PanaCast Bundle + Jabra Speak 510M with Wall Mount

PACK: Plug & Play video conferencing solution with speakerphone, HUB, wall mount and USB cable - ideal for small rooms

Save £109.00
Jabra PanaCast Bundle + Jabra Speak 510M with Wall Mount

Key features

  • 4K video conferencing solution with 180 ° view
  • Plug & Play, Compact and easy to carry
  • Three 13 Mpx cameras for a great image
  • With Jabra Speak 510 for surround sound
  • With PanaCast HUB USB-C to centralize your components
  • Works with all softphones on the market
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom

  • Free standard shipping on this item
  • 1 year standard warranty
£831.95 ex. VAT
£722.99 ex. VAT
£867.59 incl. VAT

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Product information
This pack includes:

Ideal to fully cover small meeting rooms and Huddle Room

Jabra PanaCast is a video conferencing system designed to fully cover small meeting rooms. Thanks to its 180º field of view, all participants will be seen in the image, even maintaining the necessary safety distance. PanaCast is able to offer you such a complete vision thanks to its 3 integrated cameras of 13 megapixels each. In addition, you can configure the field of view according to the coverage you need. If you are in your office, for example, you can choose a field of 90º, if you are in a small room you can configure it to rotate from 120º, 140º to 180º. You can develop these settings using the Jabra Direct application.

Portable, ready to use anywhere

Its Plug & Play capability makes it quick and easy to collaborate in any room. You have the possibility of installing it in a meeting room in a fixed way or, thanks to its small size, you can always take it ready to use when you need it. It has a USB-C connection and includes a USB-C to USB-A cable. Its design has been thought to be used directly with a PC or to be connected to an installation.

PanaCast works with all major audio and video conferencing solutions and is optimized for  Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Automatically includes all participants

The Smart Camera Zoom automatically includes everyone in your meeting by optimizing the field of view. Its Vivid HDR technology enables brightness to be adjusted according to ambient conditions, ensuring an excellent video experience even in adverse light conditions.

Easy installation anywhere

The camera integrates a mounting clip directly for a PC screen in case you want to give it a particular use. In addition, you can also mount the camera in a meeting room fixed on the wall, or in case of using it in different spaces such as coworking, you can use it with a foot stand.

All in one pack:

With this pack you will also have an excellent sound for your conferences with Jabra Speak 510 optimized for Teams and centralization of all its components with Jabra PanaCast HUB. Plus a Jabra 1.8m USB cable and wall mount.


  • 4K video conferencing solution
  • Defined and focused image
  • 180º horizontal / 54º vertical field of view
  • field of view configurable at 90º, 120º, 140º and 180º
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Natural view without distortion
  • 4K widescreen resolution
  • Smart zoom
  • 180º video rotation
  • Vivid HDR optimizes light conditions
  • Whiteboard option with future update
  • Plug & Play, Compact and easy to carry
  • Three 13 megapixel cameras
  • Two integrated microphones
  • Suitable for 15m2 rooms
  • Control light, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and white balance
  • Real-time video combining technology
  • Features with Windows 7 or higher, macOS X 10.9 or higher and Chrome OS
  • Optimized for Teams and Zoom
  • Compatible with Cisco, Webex, Slack, Hangouts and many more

This Pack includes:

  • Jabra PanaCast with its 1m USB cable
  • Cable USB-C 3.0 to USB-A additional of 1.8 m
  • Jabra Speak 510 Teams
  • Jabra PanaCast HUB with USB connections for connecting camera and speakerphone 
  • Jabra PanaCast Wall: wall fixing system 


Warranty 1 year
Working environment / use Large room
Number More than 20 people
Connects to (use with) Connects to PC via USB
Optimized for Optimized for all softphones
Wireless Wireless
Camera resolution HD resolution
Comes with GN510M
In the box
  • Jabra PanaCast
  • Cable USB-C to USB-A 3.0 of 1.8 m
  • Jabra Speak 510 Teams
  • Jabra PanaCast HUB
  • Jabra PanaCast Wall Mount
Data Sheet - Panacast (EN) (3.23 MB)

PanaCast USB Extender Guide (1002.68 KB)

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