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iPTT Dispatcher to view Users Location on Map

PC dispatch package

Key features
  • GPS Dispatch
  • Dynamic Groups
  • Voice Recording
  • Maximum safety
Manufacturer part #: DISPATCHER

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Product description

PC dispatch package

The IPTT dispatcher gives you the oppurtunity to track your handheld and mobile devices nationally and internationally. With the IPTT dispatch screen you will be able to track devices in real time, to pinpoint where the exact location of the device is. This dispatch package also gives you historical data showing the speed as well as the route taken ensuring you are working at optimum efficiency.

Dynamic groups

With this feature you are able to make on the fly channels with only the users you select to participate, the terminal user will be forced by the dispatcher in to a side channel and will be returned to their home channel at the end of the call. This is all done over the air. 

Voice recording 

IPTT offer offline and cloud based recording, all voice calls are recoreded to the cloud and are available to download any time via the portal. you can also record straight to your PC by leaving your dispatch software running which will record all monitored channels directly to your PC, you will then be able to playback these reocrding anytime from your PC. 


If a member of staff is in a problem, you will be able to see the device isnt moving and you can call the user to ask for a situation report, or altrernitavely the user of the terminal can call the dispatcher.  On the tracking screen, the dispatcher can see exactly where the the user is located and direct resources to get the user help as quickly as possible, minimising lost time and maximising safety.

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