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Digital portable ATEX zones I and II, PTI and GPS

Manufacturer Ref.: PD795Ex Product Ref.: HYTPD795EXUGGUK

Key features

  • Certified ATEX / IECEx / FM / CSA / CQST IIC
  • 64 zones with 256 channels each
  • Designed for hazardous work environments
  • Two-way digital portable radio with intrinsic security
  • Static dispersal material (blue) minimizes static build-up on the surface
  • Meets latest specifications ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Complies with the latest American military standard MIL-STD-810G
  • Withstands the most difficult environments (temperature humidity & vibration and shock.)

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Product information

Hytera PD795 ATEX

The environments with a risk of explosion are sensitive to waves and that is why Hytera has developed; products specifically for these situations and to protect workers. These radios are a tool for productivity; important to many of them. This is why the design of these innovative communications solutions complying with security standards; strictest allows users to maintain a safe communication system.

Hytera PD795 Ex radios are designed according to the strict requirements of the European ATEX directive and FM standards in North America. With certifications conforming to the latest ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA specifications, the radio operates in complete safety; in the most hazardous environments, even in the presence of hydrogen and dust particles.

The radio workmanship is compliant; the latest American military standard MIL-STD-810G and thus allows it to be used in the most extreme environments of humidity temperatures of shocks and vibrations. As these working environments are always subject to different risks, Hytera radios PD795 Ex/ are equipped with a dedicated emergency button. In the event of an accident, pressing the button triggers an alarm and initiates a voice call with a colleague or with a pre-programmed group. The integrated functions GPS and lone worker; are also available with the digital portable radio.

Equipped with a high-capacity Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery with an autonomy of 17 hours under a 5-5-90 cycle, the advantages of digital DMR technology, allow use optimal radios provide better quality; stable audio and communication performance. With an ergonomic non-slip design, no false handling is possible. Finally, the large PPT and channel change buttons are very useful for users wearing gloves.


ATEX is the directive of the European Union which all two-way radios must comply with if used in potentially explosive environments. It replaces the Cenelec classification in all member states of the European Union and the EFTA countries

IECEx approval is the future of global certification of compliance; Its aim is to harmonize standards to allow the free movement of goods by establishing a standard accepted worldwide

FM (FM Approvals LLC ) is a member of Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories in the United States. It aims is to offer comprehensive services with integrity; unsurpassed technique and exceptional customer satisfaction.


  • Frequency range: UHF1: 400-470 MHz
  • Number of channels: 1024
  • Number of zones: 64 (PD795 Ex)
  • Channel spacing: 12.5 KHz/20 KHz/25 kHz
  • Battery: 1800mAh (Li-Ion)
  • Dimensions: 141 X 55 X 39mm (PD795 Ex)
  • Weight: 495g
  • Operating temperature: -20°c à +50°c
  • Storage temperature: -40°c à + 85°c
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • IP67 (not anti-flagrant)
  • Display 160 x 128 pixels, 65 536 colors, 1.8 inch, 4 lines
  • Full keyboard
  • 5 programmable keys

 Optional accessories available (contact us):

  • Handheld HP microphone IP67 Ref: SM18N4-Ex
  • leather carrying case (swivel) Ref: LCY005
  • Preprogramming button (USB port) Ref: PC38
  • Bone conduction Headset and security intrinsic (IP67) Ref: EBN10-Ex
  • Noise cancellation headset and security intrinsic Ref: ECN20-Ex
  • Earpiece with throat vibrator and security intrinsically only 1 IP67 Ref: ELN09-Ex
Warranty 2 years
Frequency Licensed
Use For everyday use
Comes with case and accessories Without case
ATEX certified With ATEX certification
Robustness Resistant
Water resistant Water resistant
IP Rating IP67 rating
Military standard Confirmed to military standard
Channels - Sub-channels - Codes 1024
Display With display
VOX/iVOX hands free Without earpiece
SOS button With SOS button
In the box
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Antenna
  • Power adapter
  • MCU quick charger
  • Belt clip
  • Leather strap
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