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Grandstream HA100 Controller for UCM6510

Grandstream High Availability Controller for UCM6510

Key features
  • Designed to provide a failover solution for the UCM6510.
  • Connect two UCM6510s to the HA100 to create a back-up solution and automatically switch to a secondary UCM6510 if the main one fails. 
  • An ideal complementary connector to the UCM6510 for businesses that need a reliable UC system without any interruptions or failures. 
  • Up to 14 LED indicators that can be controlled by GPIO ports.
Manufacturer part #: HA100 UK
Internal ref: GRAHA100UK

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1 year standard warranty
£417.59 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Grandstream HA100 Automated Failover Solution

The Grandstream HA100 device offers companies an automated failover solution for the UCM6510 IP PBX system. 

The HA100 is ideal for any business that requires an always-on, redundant voice system by providing an automatic failover solution when paired with two UCM6510 IP PBXs. The device will constantly monitor the operational status of both UCM6510s and will automatically switch all system control to the hot-standby secondary UCM6510 when the primary device fails for any reason.

Fast and Reliable

The HA100 can switch entire system functionality (including all of the connected telecom lines, network links, auxiliary devices, all registered SIP endpoints, and their recorded voicemails) from the failed UCM6510 to the hot-standby secondary UCM6510 within only 10-50 seconds depending on the number of SIP endpoints registered.

Thanks to its smart monitoring and automated failover capabilities, the HA100 offers the ideal high-availability solution for Grandstream’s UCM6510 IP PBX for maximum complete system reliability and uptime.


  • 2x Analog Telephone FXS Ports
  • 2x PSTN Line FXO Ports
  • 1x T1/E1 Interface 
  • 1 LAN/ 1WAN network Interfaces 
  • RS-485- 2; 1 for Primary UCM6510; 1 for Secondary UCM6510 
  • Reset Switch
  • DC Power Port 
  • Analog Telephone FXS Ports- 4; 2 FXS A, 2 FXS B 
  • PSTN Line FXO Ports- 4; 2 FXO A, 2 FXO B 
  • T1/E1 Interface- 2 ports; T1/E1 A, T1/E1 B 
  • Network Interfaces- 2 LAN, 2 WAN 
  • LED Indicators- Power, T1/E1, FXS, FXO, LAN, WAN

In the box

  • 1x HA100 
  • 1x Power Adapter 
  • 1x Quick Installation Guide 
  • 2x USB to RS485 Cables 


Grandstream HA100 High Availability Controller for UCM6510 data sheet
Grandstream HA100 High Availability Controller for UCM6510 data sheet

Product Specs.

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Warranty1 year

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