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Grandstream DP760 DECT repeater

Broadband and long-range DECT repeater for DP750 base station

Key features
  • DECT repeater
  • Up to 2 simultaneous HD calls 
  • Additional scope of 300 m. outdoors and 50 m. in interior 
  • Automatic or manual association with the DP750 base station 
  • Automated provisioning includes XML configuration files 
  • The Ethernet connection provides PoE functions
EAN: 6947273702238Manufacturer part #: DP760
Internal ref: GRADP760UK

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£119.99 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Broadband and long-range DECT repeater for DP750 base station

The Grandstream DP760 is a powerful broadband DECT repeater (wireless relay station) that automatically associates with the Grandstream DP750 DECT base station offering extended mobility to commercial and residential users.

Additional Range

The DP760 extends an additional range of 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors to give users the freedom to stay active in their home or workplace. This allows the paired solution to have a range of up to 600 meters outdoors, 100 meters indoors.

Simultaneous HD Calls 

This Broadband DECT Repeater retransmits up to 2 simultaneous HD calls. The Ethernet connection provides PoE for convenient installation and a variety of remote functions including provisioning, status monitoring and repeater firmware updates. When connected to the DP750 VoIP DECT base station and Grandstream DP720 supplementary phones, the DP760 offers a powerful extended DECT solution for users looking to add coverage to their VoIP DECT system.


  • Long-range - up to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors
  • 5 LED indicators
  • G.722 codec for HD audio and G.726 codec for narrowband audio
  • Plug-n-Play, auto association, auto region detection and seamless call handover
  • User and administrator level access control, MD5 and MD5-sess based authentication, 256-bit AES encrypted configuration file, HTTPS, 802.1x media access control
  • Multi-Language settings 
  • Relays up to 2 HD calls simultaneously 
  • Universal Power Supply Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; Output 5VDC 1A; Micro-USB connection
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 28.5mm x 130mm x 90 mm

In the box

  • Repeater 
  • Universal Electrical Supply 
  • Ethernet cable 
  • Quick Start Guide 



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