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Jabra Evolve 40 MS Mono - USB-C

Mono headset with USB-C and 3.5 jack connection - Optimized for skype for business

Key features
  • Dual connection headset USB-C and 3.5mm Jack
  • Monoaural
  • Noise reduction
  • Imitation leather pad
  • Light indicator
  • Exists in Mono, Duo, M version

EAN: 5706991021523Manufacturer part #: 6393-823-189
Internal ref: GNEVOL40USBCM

In stock.
Subject to manufacturer conditions
2 years standard warranty
£68.39 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Jabra Evolve 40 Mono USB-C - MS

The new Jabra EVOLVE ™ headsets let you create your own focus area and improve your productivity

The entire new EVOLVE range has:

Passive noise reduction: protection against high-frequency noise.
Passive noise protection technology protects against high-frequency sounds (human voices, etc ...) You do not need to do anything other than wear the headset, it will protect you.

Simplified call management:

Integrated highly intuitive call control for better call management. Jabra headsets have a built-in call control feature that helps increase user productivity and comfort. Thanks to its large buttons with indicator lights and designed for quick access, the user can pick up and hang up calls, adjust the volume or mute the microphone with great ease.
In addition, the user will be able to program all these buttons himself and enjoy a personalized headset.

Special features of the EVOLVE 40 models:

With BusyLight Indicator:
When online, the Jabra EVOLVE ™"Busylight" LED automatically changes to "busy" to visually indicate to colleagues that you are engaged in a conversation. If you are not online but do not want to be disturbed at work, you can also activate the red "Busylight" light to create your own concentration zone.

Calls and music:

Between phone calls, workers who want to can listen to some music to relax. With Jabra EVOLVE ™, you can easily switch between calls and music with any type of device.

Discreet Headset

These models have a microphone wand that can be "locked" on the headband itself. If you want to use your headset to listen to music on the street, you only have to hide the wand in the helmet itself.

3.5mm Jack connection:
The Jabra Evolve 40 come with a 3.5mm Jack connection cable that can be connected to the mobile device of your choice, or to the control button that connects via USB to your PC. It allows you to have the same headset for 2 uses: work or listen to music anywhere, on your PC or your mobile.

USB-C connection:
This new version of the Jabra Evolve 40 replaces the traditional USB connection with the new USB-C connection. Due to the increase in devices that are already manufactured with this connection, Jabra offers this USB-C version to satisfy all its users.

In the box

  • 1 x headset
  • 1 x USB-C jack adapter
  • 1 x Protective cover
  • 1 x User manual

Product Specs.

More Information
Warranty2 years
Headset typeCorded
CompatibilityFor PC/Mac + mobiles
Corded or cordlessCorded
ConnectivityFor USB-C and 3.5mm jack
Mono/duoMono headsets
Wearing styleHeadband
Microphone BoomWith long microphone boom
Noise CancellingWith noise cancelling
MuteWith mute key
Volume controlInline volume control
MAC compatibleCompatible with MAC
Optimized LyncOptimized for Lync

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