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Fanvil PA2 KIT

Accessory kit, designed for the Fanvil PA2 SIP intercom solution

Key features
  • Highly reliable components 
  • Quick and easy plug and play connection 
  • 720P camera module for HD video calls 
  • Waterproof, dustproof microphone module with high sensitivity 
  • 5W / 8Ω speaker module 
  • Stainless steel button with LED indicator 
Manufacturer part #: fanvil-pa2-kit
Internal ref: FANPA2KIT

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Product description

Highly reliable accessory package for Fanvil PA2

The Fanvil PA2 Kit is an accessory kit, designed for the Fanvil PA2 intercom solution. It includes an IP camera module, speaker module, microphone module and button module. Use the PA2 kit to quickly build high-quality audio and video intercom equipment. With this accessory package, there is no need to spend time selecting and testing products, as this has been done for you. 

Camera with HD video quality 

The 720P HD camera module allows for high-quality video calls and supports dual video streaming. It features a wide-angle lens and the installation angle can be adjusted to meet the requirements of many different scenarios.

Waterproof loudspeaker module 

The 5W/8Ω speaker module comes with a self-adhesive layer and a dustproof, waterproof protective film. As a result, it has been designed with reliability in mind. Also, it can satisfy a noise environment to the demand of the high loudness of the intercom equipment.

Highly resistant and sensitive microphone 

Designed with a dustproof and waterproof film, the microphone module is suitable even for harsh environment applications. Furthermore, the microphone has a high sensitivity of -32dB±2 meaning that sound will be picked up, independently of where you are.

Button module with excellent durability 

Equipped with a stainless steel design, the button module comes with backlight and an LED indicator. It has protection level ratings of IP67 and IK10, meaning that the button is long-lasting. Not to mention, the LED lamp has a lifetime of 400,000 hours. Meanwhile, the button module has a mechanical lifetime of 200,000 times. With the button module, operate your audio and video intercom equipment seamlessly. 


  • Highly reliable components, plug and play connection 
  • Accessory package for Fanvil PA2 intercom solution 

IP camera module 

  • 720P HD camera with dual video streaming
  • Power by PAN LAN Port (12V DC) 
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Flexible installation angle 
  • 1.0M 1/4" H62 CMOS sensor 
  • Mainstream: 1280º720º 
  • Sub-stream: 704º576

Speaker module 

  • Self-adhesive layer 
  • Dustproof, waterproof protective film 
  • 5W/8Ω loudspeaker 
  • Horn diameter: 57mm 
  • 13.7mm high 
  • 150cm shielding wire 
Microphone module 
  • Dustproof, waterproof protective film 
  • -38DB±2 
  • Standard working voltage: 3V 
  • Output impedance: ≤2.2KΩ
  • Microphone diameter: 9.7mm 
  • Microphone height: 4.7mm 
  • 150cm shielding wire 
Button module
  • Stainless steel button with backlight
  • Protection level IP67, IK10 
  • Button mechanical lifetime: 200,000 times 
  • LED lamp lifetime: 400,000 hours 
  • Button diameter: 16mm 
  • Button height: 23.8mm
  • Includes 150cm shielding wire 

In the box

  • 1 x Speaker module 
  • 1 x Microphone module 
  • 1 x Button module 
  • 1 x IP camera module 



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