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Revolutionise conferencing

  • Creates clutter-free environment

  • Built-in SIP phone and USB interface

  • Easy to install and easy to use

  • USB, Analogue and VoIP connectivity

  • Echo cancelling and noise reduction

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    The Condor is completely changing the
    look and dynamics of conference rooms
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    Created with the goal of decluttering conference rooms, the Phoenix Condor Microphone Array is your all-in-one audio conferencing solution. At 48 inches wide and with 15 microphones, it provides perfect conferencing clarity at a range of up to 9m. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Condor uses Power-over-Ethernet or USB as its power source to prevent clutter in your conference rooms. It is equipped with analogue, USB and optical interfaces, allowing it connect to any videoconferencing system, in addition to Windows and Mac computers.

    The multi-directional audio beams used by the Condor sets it apart from other products on the market; these beams ensure that everyone in the room is heard perfectly. With noise reduction and echo-cancelling technology, the highest sound quality is guaranteed with the Phoenix Condor Microphone Array.

    Features at a glance:





    Phoenix Condor MT600 Microphone Array

    OVERVIEW of the CONDOR MT600

    The Condor is a high-quality beamforming array microphone that amplifies relevant audio information and cancels out ambient noise and reverb. It has an exceptionally large pickup range while remaining discreet.

    The Condor uses multiple microphones and a powerful DSP, helping to make it one of the best performing audio conferencing solutions on the market.

    In order to cover the entire room, the Condor has an array technology that deploys seven long range audio-capturing beams. This technology allows the Condor to filter out unwanted ambient noise, keeping only relevant audio information. The Condor is both echo-cancelling and noise-cancelling and uses an AGC algorithm so that the level of audio reception is consistent, regardless of whether the person speaking is 5cm or 5m away from the device.




    The Technology

    The Condor deploys multiple directional audio beams, covering the entire room. An additional short range beam picks up those standing close to the array. The Condor can easily connect to any video conferencing system, and use any type of speakers, including external sound bars or your monitor’s internal speakers. It is DSP-based with a full suite of algorithms that operate on each of the beams, including echo and noise cancellation.


    Multiple Connections options

    The Condor comes with all the connections required to link up to a multitude of devices, which are listed below:

    USB – both data and power
    Analog Speaker In via two RCA jacks (left and right signals)
    Analog Speaker Out via two RCA jacks (left and right signals)
    Analog System Out (microphone output) via RCA jack (line level)
    Digital Speaker In via optical link (stereo)
    Digital Speaker Out via optical link (stereo)
    RJ45 Ethernet link – for network connection and IP phone

    The variety of functions that these connections provide is exemplified by the option to use the Condor solely as a microphone. In this scenario, the speakers will be connected directly into the conferencing device, without going through the Condor. This setup is typical when using a TV’s integrated speakers.

    Multiple Connections options


    Easy Installation

    Despite the complexity of the technology within the Condor, it is incredibly easy to install. The process is explained in the diagram to the left. However, the ports and cables required may differ slightly depending on the way in which you will be using the Condor.

    Making calls via PC
    If you are making a call through a softphone app (Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync etc.) on your computer, simply connect the Condor to your PC (via USB). The PC can be connected to a TV for videoconferencing.

    Making calls using the Condor
    If making a call using the Condor’s own SIP functionality, you will use a process called dialling; this in turn requires a ‘dialler’. The dialling is done through a software application called ‘Phoenix Audio SIP Dialler’ running on a device that is connected to the same network. This application is available on iOS and Android. The dialling application allows you to associate the app with a particular Condor (on your network), dial out, take calls in, call from your personal contact list, use the company’s contact list, mute the unit, and more.

    Download the Audio Dialer App: |



    Performance Parameters

    • Frequency response: 50Hz – 16KHz
    • Noise Suppression: >15dB – no pumping noise
    • Echo Canceling: >40dB with conversion rate >40dB/sec
    • Residual echo suppressed to environment noise level preventing artificial ducking
    • Low latency – 10Msec
    • Power consumption – 500mAmp (from USB or POE)
    • Supported Codecs:G.711 (A-law and Mu-law) /G.729A (Annex B) /G.722 /G.723


    • 2.5” diameter, 48” long. Weight: 3.35 lbs
    • The Condor is housed in a metal tube for sturdiness and durability

    VoIP and Signaling

    • SIP –RFC 3261, SDP – RFC 2327 SIP over
    • TCP/UDP, Redundancy, Digest
    • Authentication, PRACK, Early Media

    Data Protocols

    • Static IP/DHCP IP Assignment, IEEE 802.1p/Q,


    • Plug-and-Play – No installation or additional drivers required
    • Audio Setup Utility is available for Windows
    • Recording utility is available for Windows
    • Recording utility allows you to record conversations to your computer via the device
    • Operating systems: Windows 98 and up / Linux / MacOS


    • USB cable
    • 5V power supply
    • 2 wall mounting brackets and 2 stands


    • Two Years

    Provisioning and Management

    • Web Server for Configuration and Management, Configuration update via FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP Options (66, 67, 160, 12, 77, 42)


    The Phoenix Condor Microphone Array leads the market in video conferencing solutions.
    To discover more about how your business can benefit from the Condor, or any further queries on the product,
    give our team of experts a call on 0333 123 3050.