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Cisco SPA 509G IP Phone + SPA500S Expansion Module

Executive grade 12-line IP phone with large backlit display, HD sound and PoE with a 32 key expansion module

Manufacturer Ref.: spa509 / SPA500S Product Ref.: CISPA509M
Cisco SPA 509G IP Phone + SPA500S Expansion Module Cisco SPA 509G IP Phone + SPA500S Expansion Module Cisco SPA 509G IP Phone + SPA500S Expansion Module Cisco SPA 509G IP Phone + SPA500S Expansion Module Cisco SPA 509G IP Phone + SPA500S Expansion Module Cisco SPA 509G IP Phone + SPA500S Expansion Module

Key features

SPA 509G:

  • Professional 12-line SIP phone
  • Power Over Ethernet - 2 Ethernet ports
  • HD Voice technology
  • Supports up to 2 expansion modules
  • Full Duplex speakerphone
  • 3-way conferencing, call transfer, shared line appearance

Cisco SPA 500S Expansion Module:

  • 32 programmable keys
  • LED indictors of line status
  • Up to 2 32-key modules can be joined together, to provide64 additional keys

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Product information
This pack includes:

The Cisco SPA 509G IP Phone is a feature-packed 12-line IP phone with HD sound and this pack comes with an expansion module which provides 32 additional keys.

Despite its advanced features, the Cisco SPA509G is a cost effective choice for demanding professional users who need a telephone with advanced functions and full interoperability with equipment from VoIP providers and IP PBXs.

Cisco's HD Voice technology ensures excellent voice clarity, even in speakerphone mode, while the large backlit monochrome display and 4-way navigation key provide easy access to the telephone's functions.

The Cisco SPA500S is a 32-key expansion module for Cisco SPA500 series telephones, and is an ideal solution for small businesses who need to simplify incoming call management, to redirect them to the correct extension

The module is easy to attach to SPA500 Series Phones, providing 32 programmable speed-dial or direct station select (DSS) buttons, each illuminating the line's status (idle, ringing, busy, or null) via the BLF. Incoming calls can immediately be transferred to the proper location with the push of a button assigned to the extension.  Up to 2 modules can be attached together, to provide a total of 64 buttons, offering a cost effective way to expand your voice network. Installation and setup is just a matter of connecting the supplied bracket and cable to the attendant console, which uses the phone's power supply; no additional power source is required.

Phone Features:

  • 12 voice lines
  • Twelve Independent SIP Registrations
  • Line status: active line indication, with name and number
  • Menu-driven user interface
  • Shared line appearance
  • Speakerphone
  • Call hold
  • Music on hold
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID name and number
  • Outbound caller ID blocking
  • Call transfer: attended and blind
  • Three-way call conferencing with local mixing
  • Multiparty conferencing via external conference bridge
  • Automatic redial of last calling and last called numbers
  • On-hook dialing
  • Call pickup: selective and group
  • Call park and unpark
  • Call swap
  • Call back on busy
  • Call blocking: anonymous and selective
  • Call forwarding: unconditional, no answer, on busy
  • Hot line and warm line automatic calling
  • Call logs (60 entries each): made, answered, and missed calls
  • Redial from call logs
  • Personal directory with auto-dial (100 entries)
  • Do not disturb (callers hear line busy tone)
  • Digits dialed with number auto-completion
  • Anonymous caller blocking
  • Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) (IP) dialing support (vanity numbers)
  • On-hook default audio configuration (speakerphone and headset)
  • Multiple ring tones with selectable ring tone per line
  • Called number with directory name matching
  • Ability to call number using name: directory matching or via caller ID
  • Subsequent incoming calls show calling name and number
  • Date and time with support for intelligent daylight savings
  • Call start time stored in call logs
  • Call timer
  • Name and identity (text) displayed at startup
  • Distinctive ringing based on calling and called number
  • 10 user-downloadable ring tones
  • Speed dialing, eight entries
  • Configurable dial/numbering plan support
  • Intercom
  • Group paging
  • Highly secure call encrypted voice communications support
  • Built-in web server for administration and configuration with multiple security levels
  • Automated remote provisioning, multiple methods; up to 256-bit encryption (HTTP, HTTPS, Trivial File Transfer Protocol [TFTP])
  • Option to require administrator password to reset unit to factory defaults


Security Features:

  • Password-protected system, preset to factory default
  • Password-protected access to administrator and user-level features
  • HTTPS with factory-installed client certificate
  • HTTP digest: encrypted authentication via MD5 (RFC 1321)
  • Up to 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption
  • SIP over Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
Extension features:

  • 32 programmable multicolored LED buttons
  • Illuminated line status monitoring (green for idle, red for in use, blinking red for ringing, orange for registration error)
  • Call transfer
  • Speed dial
  • DSS
  • Busy lamp field
  • One-touch transfer
  • call pickup
In the box
  • SPA509G with stand
  • Handset cord
  • RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  • Quick start guide
  • CD 
  • SPA 500S Expansion Module
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