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Cordless Phones

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For Home and Office

If you need a phone that offers you the freedom to move around your workspace without being restricted to your desk, take a look at our range of cordless phones. Our multi-handset packs mean you can pick up calls from various locations or our long-range phones allow you to take calls to a more private setting if necessary.

Main Handsets with Base

Main Handsets with Base

Multi-Handset Packs

Multi-Handset Packs

Additional Handsets

Additional Phone Handsets

Built in Answer Phone

Built in Answer Phone

Robust Phones


Long Range Phones

Long Range Phones

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Wireless Phones

Best Sellers Right Now

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Gigaset A120 ECO DECT Cordless handset with Base

Gigaset A120

£16.99 ex. VAT
Ref: SIA120UK
-15%Gigaset SL910A Cordless Telephone

Gigaset SL910A

£129.99 ex. VAT
£109.99 ex. VAT
BT Elements 1K Robust Cordless Phone
£67.99 ex. VAT
BT Diverse Pro 7110 Single Cordless DECT Phone
£29.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BTD7110UK
Engenius EP800 Long Range Cordless Phone
BT Diverse 7460 Plus Cordless DECT Phone
£79.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BTD7460UK
Gigaset E630A Robust Cordless ECO DECT Phone

Gigaset E630A

£78.99 ex. VAT
Ref: SIE630AUK
Gigaset SL910H Cordless DECT Additional Handset
£93.99 ex. VAT
BT Diverse 7400 Plus Exec Additional Cordless Handset
£30.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BTD7400UK
Gigaset C430HX Cordless Additional Handset
£30.99 ex. VAT
Gigaset SL910 Cordless DECT Phone Trio  Pack
£295.99 ex. VAT
Gigaset SL910A Cordless DECT Phone Twin Pack
£202.99 ex. VAT
BT Diverse 7100 Plus DECT Additional Cordless Handset
£25.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BTD7100UK
Gigaset C430A Digital Cordless Phone Trio Pack
£83.99 ex. VAT
Gigaset C430A Digital Cordless Phone
£34.99 ex. VAT
Ref: SIC430AUK
BT Diverse Pro 7410 Plus Cordless DECT Phone
£41.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BTD7410UK
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Cordless Telephones

Wireless phones are powered by rechargeable batteries. The phone is wirelessly linked to a terminal, which requires connection to a network. This can be done in number of ways: by a local phone, internet or even a socket. It is possible to expand the telephone network by purchasing additional handsets which are compatible with the base terminal. Connecting extra headsets is very simple; they just need to be connected to the network.

Choose your wireless phone for their appropriate use:

  • Base Wireless Telephones:

    Connects to the fixed-line network and allow movement which varies between 50 to 300 metres. We offer a variety of models, from the basic Gigaset A320, to the more advanced offering of the Gigaset I930. We also offer inexpensive packs, such as the Gigaset A150 Duo.

  • Wireless IP Phones:

    Wireless IP Phones are integrated into a same IP network (terminal, communication, and data). Therefore these telephones are directly connected into the internet network.

  • Digital Wireless Phones for PABX:

    In some cases, for specific terminals you will need to have a digital wireless telephone for PABX which needs to be from the same manufacturer.

  • Additional Terminals:

    Getting additional terminals allows the expansion of the telephone network.

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Wireless phones