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Analogue Desktop Phones - Spectralink

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Spectralink 7202
Spectralink 7202
Robust DECT telephone for industrial environments with advanced functions and great battery life
  • Robust IP DECT phone
  • Cordless phone compatible with 90% with DECT-GAP structures
  • Advanced functionalities, customizable with third-party applications
  • Color screen
  • Software compatible with "over the air" updates.
  • Alarm keyDirectory 50 records.
  • Fast charging and great battery life (23-27 hours in conversation / up to 118 hours on standby).
  • For specialized work environments, such as retail, department stores or healthcare.
  • It is delivered without charger or power.
  • Spectralink models are 100% compatible for use with structures with DECT-GAP servers such as the old Polycom-KIRK or new Spectralink DECT 400, 2500, 6500, 8000 servers
£155.99 ex. VAT

Ref: SPECTRA7202