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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercoms 2018

Best Motorcycle Intercoms 2019

Bluetooth for mobile connection
Voice control for hands free communication
Water & dust proof
Up to 10 hours talk time

The Scala Rider Q Series

The Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms have been designed with practicality and safety as a priority. All devices have been fitted with the latest in technology to provide each driver with the clearest and crispest audio quality. Devices from this series have built-in voice control as well as digital signal processing for the perfect solution to and hands free issues whilst on the road. Scala Rider intercoms can be used in conjunction with other intercoms of the same series to form a simple yet efficient communication system between drivers. Need to communicate on the move? The this is the perfect choice for you.

Why you'll love it:

  • Click-to-Link function

    This feature gives you the ability to spontaneously form a communication line with any other riders nearby. Extremely helpful if you were to ever find yourself in an emergency situation.

  • Multipoint technology

    Perhaps you need to maintain two conversations at the same time, one business and one personal? With Multipoint technology you can juggle both calls and interchange between them with ease.

  • Self-adjusting Speakers

    Another fantastic audio feature comes in the form of the self-adjusting speakers. The speakers can change their audio output depending on the background noise and your current speed.

  • A2DP

    This feature allows you to wirelessly stream music from your mp3 player via the Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile system.


The Scala Rider Q Series The Scala Rider Q Series The Scala Rider Q Series The Scala Rider Q Series
Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK Series Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK Series

Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK Series

The PACKTALK Bluetooth motorcycle series is full of ground breaking new technology which will revolutionise your riding experience. With these new features you can connect with up to 15 riders at a distance of 8km apart. Each headset had a remarkable number of audio and communication features. The ground breaking Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC) works in partner with the Bluetooth to ensure contact is never interrupted no matter your speed or environment. If the hands-free operation isn’t to your preference, you may opt to control your intercom from your smartphone or tablet via the Cardo SmartSet app.

Why you'll love it:

  • Voice command

    Accept and control your music with this new technology for real hands-free operation.

  • Cardo Gateway™

    This gives you the possibility of opening lines of communication with non-cardo headsets.

  • Music Sharing™

    Share your music with the passenger using the A2DP technology.

  • Waterproof and dustproof

    Keep your device protected from the elements. The self-adjusting audio changes your surround sound as your speed and environment change around you.


Cardo Scala Rider SMARTPACK Series

The SMARTPACK Bluetooth motorcycle series combines the newest Dynamic Meshwork Communication technology (DMC™) with and Bluetooth to give you the ability to maintain contact with up to four groups of riders as much as 5km apart! DMC™ is technology developed by Cardo specifically for communication between riders. Instead of using the standard Bluetooth connection, the DMC™ ensures that connection is both stronger and crisper than ever before. This intercom is the perfect solution to all your on-the-move communications issues. Have you ever had trouble maintaining contact with the rest of the group? This will no longer be a problem with the Scala Rider SMARTPACK.

Why you'll love it:

  • Auto-adaptive connectivity

    1.6 km Bike-to-Bike 4-way intercom

  • Click-to-Link

    This is an intercom system for immediate rider contact

  • A2DP

    Hands- free call control (or switch to button control if that is your preference)

  • Talk time

    13 hours with 1 week stand-by

  • Built-in FM radio


Cardo Scala Rider SMARTPACK Series Cardo Scala Rider SMARTPACK Series Cardo Scala Rider SMARTPACK Series Cardo Scala Rider SMARTPACK Series

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