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Huddle Rooms

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How to Equip a Conference Room

A small meeting space designed for a few people to meet quickly and easily, a huddle room is a common feature in modern business. These rooms typically accommodate up to 5 people at once and prove essential to creating a closer work environment.

Spall spaces, large benefits.

There are a variety of reasons why huddle rooms are essential to collaboration and the success of individuals and teams in the workplace.

  • Huddle rooms help remote workers feel included

Many remote workers prefer huddle rooms when it comes to video conferencing. With a smaller room it can let users develop stronger connections with each other and their workers.

  • Huddle rooms require no reservation

Spontaneous collaboration is easier than ever as many companies would have a small room spare in their office that could be used for conferencing.

  • Huddle rooms make the most of office space

For companies that have a limited amount of space in their office, a huddle room can help optimize their conferencing.

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Jabra PanaCast
£799.99 ex. VAT
£649.99 ex. VAT
Polycom EagleEye Mini Camera Kit
£104.99 ex. VAT
AVer VB342+

AVer VB342+

£999.99 ex. VAT
Avaya IX CU360 Collaboration Unit + Avaya B109 Speakerphone Bundle
£914.98 ex. VAT
£908.99 ex. VAT
Ref: AVCU360B109
Cleyver 4K Ultra-HD videoconferencing bar
£444.99 ex. VAT
Jabra PanaCast Pack 750 MS
£1,059.98 ex. VAT
£903.99 ex. VAT
Jabra PanaCast Bundle + Jabra Speak 510M with Wall Mount
£1,029.95 ex. VAT
£877.99 ex. VAT
Jabra PanaCast Pack
£947.96 ex. VAT
£796.99 ex. VAT
Konftel Cam20
£219.99 ex. VAT
Ref: KOCAM20
Yealink VC200 WP
£1,899.99 ex. VAT
£1,699.99 ex. VAT
AVer Cam520

AVer Cam520

£864.99 ex. VAT
Ref: AVCAM520
Extension microphone for AVer VB342
£174.99 ex. VAT
Extension microphone for AVer VB342 with 20 meter cable
£199.99 ex. VAT
Ref: AVVB342MIC20
Avaya IX CU360 3
£799.99 ex. VAT
Ref: AVCU360
Yealink 4K Digital Zoom USB Camera
£214.99 ex. VAT
£199.99 ex. VAT
Poly Studio X30
£1,399.99 ex. VAT
Yealink VCM34

Yealink VCM34

£229.99 ex. VAT
Stem Audio Touch Panel for Stem Audio Control
£919.99 ex. VAT
AVer CAM520 Pro
£799.99 ex. VAT
£749.99 ex. VAT
Yealink VC210 Microsoft Teams
£944.99 ex. VAT
Yealink MVC300 GEN II
£1,649.99 ex. VAT
Yealink MVC500 Wireless 2nd gen
£2,495.99 ex. VAT
Yealink MVC500 II - Wired
£2,566.99 ex. VAT
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When it comes to your conferences, having the correct equipment for the size of your conference room is crucial. In this respect, huddle rooms are no different. They are the smallest type of conference room and allow for more spontaneous conferences. When selecting your huddle room conferencing equipment, here are a few points to consider:

Saving space

As huddle rooms are small in size, the last thing you want is for participants to feel confined and not have enough space to work effectively. With this in mind, our conferencing range designed for huddle rooms comes with fewer wires, which helps to reduce clutter. This helps to maximise productivity, as you have more space to focus on what truly matters. Not to mention, our huddle room conferencing solutions are generally lightweight and easy to transport. Even when a conference is last-minute, taking your conferencing equipment with you will be no hassle at all.

Plug and play

With quick and easy connectivity options, setting up your conferences will be a walk in the park. Simply connect your devices to your conferencing equipment via a cable or Bluetooth. Plug and play connectivity means that once your device is plugged in, it is ready to use. Spend less time bringing your conference to life and more time exchanging ideas.


Rather than investing in separate microphones and a high-quality video camera, we recommend that you consider an all-in-one conferencing solution. Here at Onedirect, many products within our huddle room conferencing range fall into this category. These often come with integrated powerful microphones, HD camera and sometimes even an intuitive interface. This way, you don´t have to worry about purchasing a variety of different conferencing equipment. With an all-in-one solution, you have everything you need for a successful huddle room experience.

Noise-cancellation technology

For every conference, crystal-clear audio is of uttermost importance. This is where noise-cancellation comes in. This technology works to eliminate or at least greatly reduce distracting background noise. Therefore, each participant can be heard loud and clear. While noise-cancellation technology is a definite advantage, it is not as crucial in smaller rooms such as a huddle room. With fewer participants in a conference room, there is generally less noise and equally fewer distractions. What´s more, you can opt for video cams with microphones with a smaller pickup range. Such microphones are powerful enough to capture every participant´s voice with exceptional clarity, without having the largest pickup range.

Wide-angle lens

For state-of-the-art visuals, look out for features such as 4K resolution and a wide-angle horizontal field of view (FOV). Even at a shorter distance, enjoy clear-cut video conferences. Not to mention, a wide-angle FOV will ensure that every participant can be seen within the frame. There may be instances where a huddle room may feel overcrowded. Rest assured that this will not hinder the quality of your conferences. Wherever they are sat in the room, every participant is guaranteed to receive equal coverage.

Our huddle room conferencing range allows for seamless, clutter-free conferences every time. Designed for on-the-spot meetings, plug and play connectivity ensures that you will be ready to go in just a few moments. Enjoy impressive optics, where every participant in the room can be seen clearly. While a large pick-up range isn´t necessary, you can still make the most of powerful microphone arrays. Here at OneDirect; you have everything you need for an unforgettable huddle room experience.