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Konftel 300Wx with IP DECT 10 Base Station

Expandable wireless Konftel 300Wx with IP DECT Base Station to convert it into an IP conference system.

Key features
  • Conference phone for wireless meetings via DECT, VoIP or mobile connection
  • Wireless base station gives the conference phone IP capabilities
  • Conference recording with SD memory card
  • Multi-connectivity: DECT GAP/CAT-iq, USB, Mobile (accessory required)
  • Wireless IP base station which can be configured with up to 5 conference phones simultaneously
  • GAP compatible
EAN: 7394001010605Manufacturer part #: 951101078
Internal ref: KO300WXPIP

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2 years standard warranty
Konftel 300Wx Wireless   + £398.47
Konftel IP DECT 10 Base Station   + £117.54

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    Product description

    The Konftel 300Wx + IP Dect 10 Base Station  combine to offer a cost-effective way to have an IP conferencing capabilities, along with the freedom of movement from a wireless system.

    The 300WX is a versatile conference phone for which connects to DECT systems, mobiles or computers via USB and can be expanded for meetings up to 16 people with additional microphones. This unit has improved DECT compatibility with support for both GAP and CAT/iq. The new version can be expanded with Konftel's expansion microphones. 

    The IP Dect 10 Base Station allows you to connect the conference phone with IP lines and is a more affordable way of obtaining dual conferencing capabilities. It also improves the performance of your 300Wx conference phone, giving you more freedom and a superior sound quality. This HD sound quality aims to create a much more natural sounding conversation using voice recognition software.

    This versatile and innovative conference phone gives you the total freedom of being able to hold conference calls when and where you need to, without the need for phone lines or power cables. Its rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 60 hours of talk time and 10 days on standby, making it an ideal tool whether you are in or out of the office. You can keep an eye on the battery level via an indicator on the backlit LCD display. You can also power this conference phone via USB cable or through an AC Power Supply. 

    This speakerphone also has a built-in conference guide, which allows you to create 20 groups and then call them simultaneously at the touch of a button, saving precious time. Individual contacts can also be stored in the phone's internal directory.

    The Konftel 300W has a built-in recording function which allows you to record your conference calls on an SD memory card, save them to your computer and listen to them again later, making this an excellent tool for training purposes or for reporting back on meetings. You can also use the memory card to load upgrades onto this ingenious speakerphone.


    • Wireless conference phone for up to 16 participants
    • Expandable with additional microphones
    • Up to 60 hours talk time
    • Connects to Konftel base station or any GAP-compatible DECT system
    • Connects to computers via USB for VoIP calls
    • GAP/CAT-Iq technology for interoperability with 3rd party IP base stations
    • Compatible with Yealink, snom, RTX, Aastra and other similar IP base stations
    • Line mode selector for switching connections
    • Phone book for up to 200 contacts
    • Range of up to 30m²
    • For meetings of up to 16 people
    • Record and listen back to meetings via SD memory cards up to 2GB
    • OmniSound 2.0®  - latest audio technologyConference guideBacklit LCD display
    • Alphanumerical display
    • Keypad functions: On/Off, Mute, Volume up, Volume down, 5 menu navigation buttons, Line mode, Conference guide
    • Omni-directional microphone
    • Kensington Security Slot anti-theft protection
    • Can be connected to PA system or cordless headset
    • Size: 240 x 77mm
    • Weight: 1kg

    In the box

    • Rechargeable battery
    • Charge cradle
    • USB Cable
    • Power cable
    • AC adapter
    • Quick guide
    • Konftel IP DECT 10 Base Station 

    Product Specs.

    More Information
    Warranty2 years
    Connects toConnects to analogue and IP lines
    Working environmentAverage room
    Number participantsUp to 12 participants
    Telephone keypadWith telephone keypad
    ScreenWith screen
    Directory500 contacts / 20 groups
    Wireless technologyDect (50/300m) wireless technology
    Microphone Coverage360° microphone coverage
    RefurbNot refurbished
    Additional microphones corded2 add. corded microphones
    Full DuplexWith full duplex
    Wireless Phone compatibilityWith DECT base included
    Mobile compatibilityWith cable
    PC / MAC compatibleCompatible with PC and MAC, With USB cable
    Softphone compatibilityCompatible with all softphones, Compatible with Lync, Compatible with Skype
    Additional accessoriesWith battery, With DECT base, With memory card, With PC cable, With travel case, With wall mounting bracket, With wired microphones
    BatteryLithium battery

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