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Jabra PanaCast Pack

Jabra PanaCast video collaboration bundle

Key features
  • 4K video conferencing system
  • 180° view
  • Plug-and-Play USB connector
  • Three 13MP cameras
  • One cable clutter-free solution
  • 1.8 Metre USB cable
  • Connects Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak to your computer


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1 year standard warranty
Jabra PanaCast   + £479.99
Jabra PanaCast USB Hub USB-C   + £84.99
Jabra PanaCast Wall Bracket   + £39.99
Jabra PanaCast USB Cable   + £14.99

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    Product description

    JabraSpeak710 offer

    Everything you need for powerful small conferences

    Introducing the Jabra PanaCast pack, the conferencing solution that will transform how you conduct your conferences. Designed for small meetings rooms, this pack comes with the Jabra Panacast, a USB hub cable, a wall bracket and a USB cable. In turn, you have everything you need for a seamless conference every time.

    Jabra PanaCast - Perfect for small meeting rooms

    From the leaders in sound and audio solutions comes Jabra PanaCast. The "world´s first intelligent video solution", PanaCast comes with a host of new and exciting features. Including 180º panoramic vision and 4K plug-and-play, this new system is set to provide users with better experiences. PanaCast is set to reinvent modern meeting rooms.

    The intelligent zoom automatically includes all the participants in the meeting while the vivid automatic lighting system guarantees a great video experience- even in variable lighting conditions. Thanks to the plug and play capability, collaborating is easy and fast: you just have to plug your PanaCast into a USB port on your laptop or computer.

    Inclusive Meetings

    Panoramic-4K video using three 13-megapixel cameras and patented real-time video stitching gives a more natural, inclusive view of the huddle room. The perfect partner for rich Jabra Speak audio. With an ultra-wide 180° horizontal field of view, PanaCast lets people use 100% of their collaboration space, automatically including all team members in the conversation.

    PanaCast provides real-time information to help enhance participants experiences. Intelligent Zoom automatically zooms and pans to cover all visible people in the room, following our natural instincts to adjust our visual field of view as attendees join or leave the meeting. It allows participants to focus on what truly matters: their discussion.

    Instant Collaboration

    Plug-and-Play technology lets you collaborate with others quickly and easily. Using a USB connection businesses are able to use the device straight out of the box. PanaCast is also compatible with all leading video-and-audio solutions.

    Jabra PanaCast USB Hub USB-C - Clutter-free connectivity for your Jabra solutions

    When it comes to bringing your Jabra conferencing solutions together, look no further than the Jabra PanaCast USB Hub USB-C. It is a central unit that connects your Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak to your computer with just one cable. This way, connecting your devices together for seamless conferencing will be a breeze. Not to mention, a central unit such as this device helps to reduce clutter and saves space.

    Jabra PanaCast Wall Bracket

    The PanaCast Jabra Wall Bracket, a simple way of mounting your Jabra PanaCast onto a wall. Ideal for rooms where the PanaCast is to be a permanent instalment. Installation is very simple, only a screwdriver and two 1/4 inch screws are required (not supplied).


    Jabra Panacast

    • 4K video conferencing solution
    • 180º view
    • Plug-and-Play USB connector
    • Three 13 megapixel cameras
    • Real-time video
    • Smart Zoom
    • Works with most video conferencing services
    • Intelligent vision
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Motion JPEG built-in
    • Auto 50/60 Hz Detection
    • Built-in stereo microphones with audio DSP
    • Individualized control: ePTZ controls, camera presets, color controls and more.
    • Enterprise-class tools for firmware updates
    • Supports USB Video Class Driver
    • Works with Windows 7 or above and Mac OS X 10.9 or above

    Jabra PanaCast USB Hub USB-C

    • Central unit
    • Connects Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak to your computer
    • One-cable, clutter-free solution

    Jabra PanaCast USB Cable

    • 1.8 metre (6 ft) USB cable
    • Connects the Jabra Panacast to a computer or Jabra Hub

    In the box

    • Jabra PanaCast
    • Jabra PanaCast USB Hub USB-C
    • Jabra PanaCast Wall Bracket
    • Jabra PanaCast USB Cable

    Product Specs.

    More Information
    Warranty1 year
    Working environment / useSmall room
    NumberUp to 12 people
    Connects to (use with)Connects to PC via USB
    Video resolution1080dpi resolution
    Camera TypeAutomatic pan camera
    Camera resolution1080dpi resolution, 720dpi resolution, HD resolution
    Camera field of view180° field of view
    Built-in microphones3 built-in microphones


    Jabra PanaCast

    In stock.Ref: GNPANACAST
    £594.99 £479.99 £575.99 Incl. VAT

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