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Ascom d81 PC Protector

IP65 standard PABX DECT phone, Bluetooth with worker protection isolated

Manufacturer Ref.: DH5-AABEAA Product Ref.: ASD81PPC
Ascom d81 PC Protector Ascom d81 PC Protector

Key features

  • Robust DECT phone, IP65
  • Isolated worker protection : manual alarm and geo-location
  • Colour-coded, backlit LCD
  • Bluetooth
  • Hands-free, vibration
  • Directory and centralised management 
  • Full SMS messaging

  • Free standard shipping on this item
  • 1 year standard warranty
£499.99 ex. VAT
£599.99 incl. VAT

Product information

Bluetooth phone ultra resistant, tested in hostile environments

The Ascom d81 PC Protector is designed to withstand the most demanding situations, the Ascom d81 Protector is the ideal tool for companies looking for a reliable and efficient product. The requirement of robustness and reliability of the Ascom products used means that the Protector d81 is one of its most important allies.

The  Ascom phones are managed by a centralized administration. In this way, the administrator can perform updates from a single computer. The stations are automatically synchronized as soon as they return to their docking stations.

IP-DECT technology, the directory is shared on all telephones in the network: these are updated continuously and can be accessed at any time. Its memory capacity allows you to record up to 750 contacts.  In addition, Bluetooth allows you to connect a wireless headset or headphones to increase flexibility and keep your hands free.

The protection of worker isolated allows the user to manually activate an alarm and indicate their position by a GPS signal. Combined with the PC - Pull Cord function, the worker is completely safe: if there is a problem, simply pull the cord to activate the alarm. 


  • Backlit colour LCD screen
  • Isolated worker protection (ITP): manual and geolocalizable alarm
  • Bluetooth
  • Hands free, vibrator
  • Ultrafast IP65: resistant to regular drops, dust and water jets
  • Directory and centralized administration
  • SMS messages
d81 variant feature comparison
 d81 Messengerd81 Messenger LFd81 Messenger Exd81 Protectord81 Protector LFd81 Protector Ex
Advanced messaging            
Push-button alarm            
Man-down, no-movement and pull-cord alarm            
Warranty 1 year
Technology Digital DECT technology
Range DECT : 50m indoor + 300m outdoor
Standby / Talk time 120 h / 18 h
Hands free speakerphone With hands free speakerphone
Sound quality Full duplex sound
Display With colour display
Touch screen Without touch screen
Android Without Android system
Caller ID With caller ID
Call Screening With call screaning
Contacts 250 local / 1000 base
Share contacts between handsets With contact sharing
Redial Yes
Ringtones 15 + 10
VIP Groups VIP groups with Ringtones
SOS button With SOS button
Mute With mute key
Bluetooth With Bluetooth
Wifi Without WiFi
Headset port With 2.5mm jack
SD card slot Without mini SD card
SMS With SMS function
MMS With MMS function
Vibrate With vibration
Robustness / Water Resistance Water resistant
IP Rating IP65 rating
Handset size 142 x 56 x 25 mm
Battery Lithium-Ion batteries
In the box
1x Ascom d81 PC Protector
D81 Protector Data Sheet (264.17 KB)

D81 Protector Manual (443.84 KB)

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