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Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex (QWERTY) Refurb

Refurbished Alcatel phone, with QWERTY keyboard and hands-free

Manufacturer Ref.: 3AK28046UK Product Ref.: ALRPRRQ
Alcatel 4020 Premium Reflex (QWERTY) RefurbAlcatel 4020 Premium Reflex (QWERTY) RefurbAlcatel 4020 Premium Reflex (QWERTY) RefurbAlcatel 4020 Premium Reflex (QWERTY) Refurb

Key features

  • Multilines
  • Hands-free 
  • Call by name
  • Integrated alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard
  • Refurbished Product

  • Free standard shipping on this item
  • 1 year standard warranty
£29.99 ex. VAT
£35.99 incl. VAT

Product information

The perfect desktop phone for any business

The Alcatel Premium Reflexes 4020 Refurbished (QWERTY keyboard) is essential and innovative, the Premium terminal has been designed for people who make intensive use of the phone and who need a real communication tool. If you work intensively, you can benefit from the advantages offered by the screen, and for example, manage several lines simultaneously.

Listen as you prefer

The speaker and microphone allow several people to participate in the conversation. You can change the microphone by hands-free.

Access directly

Mark by name, type the first letters of the person's name. Your phone will locate and dial for you.

Visual control

See who calls you before answering. And control the cost and duration of calls in real time

Increase your efficiency

A simple access key for the most frequent facilities (Call transfer, message listening, etc.). You can manage several lines simultaneously. Programmable keys: they allow to associate to each key a line and the icons allow you to visualize the availability of the lines. Choose the number of keys adapted to your needs: your phone can be expanded by 80 additional keys (optional). 

A modular system

You can connect to computer terminals for telephony applications or analog (fax ...) or digital terminals (G4 fax, PC with ISDN card etc). This phone allows the possibility of connecting to the ISDN network. You can also connect: a modem, an answering machine, you only need one line. You can receive a fax while you are talking on the phone. You can call from the screen of your PC, connecting to your computer and use the functions of your phone (call transfer etc.) from your computer ...


  • 12 Programmable keys
  • Screen with 1 x 20 characters
  • Multiline
  • Several lines at the same time
  • Hands-free: Phone and work at the same time
  • Call by name
  • Mute key
  • Directory
  • Dimensions: (L x l x h) = 246.5 x 219.5 x 86.5 mm
  • Weight: 880 g.
  • Possible wall fixation
Warranty 1 year
Connecting line PABX conexión dedicada
Number of lines 1
Number of simultaneous calls 0
Key features With 3-way conference, With call log
Function keys With call key , With hands free kit, With mute key
Softkeys 12
Phonebook features Personal Directory
Expansion module Compatible with 1 module
Optimized for Microsoft Lync Not optimized for Microsoft Lync
Volume control Handset volume control , Ringtone volume control , Speakerphone volume control
Hearing aid compatible Not compatible with hearing aid
Speakerphone Yes
Hands free With hands free kit
Headset port Without headset port
Sound quality Standard sound
Line powered Self-powered
Power source Line powered
Display With display
Type of display Black and white display, LCD display
Display size 1 líneas - 20 carácteres
Keypad Alphanumerical keypad
Colour antracita
Call indicator LED Without LED call indicator
Connectivity RJ11 connection , RJ9 connection
Wall mounting With wall mounting
Compatibility electronic hook switch Not compatibile with electronic hook switch (EHS)
Alcatel 4020 - User Manual (EN) (604.57 KB)

Replacement handset for Alcatel Reflexes Phones
£28.99 ex. VAT
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