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AF Computer Cleaning Wipes

100 cleaning wet wipes

Key features
  • Pack of 100 pre-impregnated wipes 
  • Multipurpose, ideal for computers 
  • Long-lasting cleaning properties 
  • Ideal for plastic surfaces 
  • Effectively clean every nook and cranny
EAN: 5028356500024Manufacturer part #: PCC100
Internal ref: AFPC

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Product description

AF Computer Cleaning Wipes

100 cleaning wet wipes

The PC Clene includes 100 wipes pre-impregnated with a powerful non-flammable and alcohol-free antistatic bactericide, cleans and disinfects computers, cases and keyboards. It is designed for gentle cleaning. It manages to effortlessly erase dust and embedded dirt. PC Clene is designed for everyday use and respects sensitive equipment. Each soft and delicate wipe meets the needs of computer users.

Use tips:

1. Remove the wipe from its package

2. Clean the chosen surface

3. Wipe with a microfiber cloth if necessary

4. Enjoy a workstation that is impeccably clean

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